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Perfection Diamond

Perfection Diamonds from B2C Jewels!

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An Apple a day takes billions away…

Apple sued Samsung in 2011 and Samsung counter sued for infringement of design patents. Apple Inc Claimed that Samsung infringed 7 patents out of which 4 are design patents and 3 are software patents. Apple Sought $ 2.5 billion against Samsung and Samsung demanded approx. $ 400 million by claiming that apple infrienged it’s five patents.

The dispute started with release of Samsung galaxy smart phones in year 2010, which was suspected as a copy of iPhone (Apple’s Product). Galaxy became a tough competitor for iPhone. Recently Apple Inc won $1.05 billion form Samsung for infringement of design patents.

As jury’s decision announced that Samsung has willing fully infringed Apple’s seven patents. Apple wants to ban 8 Samsung Phones in U.S. The list is as follows: Galaxy S 4G, AT&T Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail.

Samsung is planning to appeal, Samsung says that due to this choices for consumers will be restricted as “fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices” .

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An Apple a day takes Billions Away

An Apple a day tales Billions Away


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Digital Marketing

One day usage on internetSocial media usersMany of you might be familiar with the term digital marketing, Internet marketing, Online marketing and various more. But what does it mean? How it works? Why people are more focusing on this?

Digital marketing is a term mainly used for marketing activates which are carried out on internet. It uses various medium through which people share their thoughts, likes, dislikes, views, images and may other things which they would like to talk about.

In the previous year’s marketing was done by focusing only on TV, Radio, Printing, Hoardings, etc. Digital marketing brought a new path to walk on for marketing activities. The main motto of marketing activities is to reach maximum people you can and make them aware about your product / services. Some time apart from generating awareness it also focus on sales which is most important and ultimate result which any company wants to fulfill and internet marketing helps to do that.

Digital marketing becomes an important medium for communication in 21st century and a powerful marketing tool. There are two concept of digital marketing. Pull digital marketing and push digital marketing. These strategy involves usage of ad banners, pay per click ads ,contest , video broadcasting, email marketing, blogs etc.

In a short time span various platform were introduced, which now had became popular digital marketing tools. Some of them you might be aware of are Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Pinterest, stumbleupon , tumblr, Google+, you Tube, Slide Share etc

Check images inspired from and

The image on left shows that in a day 249 Billion emails are sent ,2 Million Blogs are posted, 172 Million people visit social platforms (Facebook. Twitter etc). The image on right Comparison of Users activity on various social media sites. Male – female ratio, age group of people using social media. All this information shows increasing rate of reach to individuals.

The simple concept about digital marketing makes it interesting i.e. More the reach, more the people aware about your activities.

However social media is not the only medium to show your presence. The other important factor of Digital Marketing are SEO (Search Engine optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

SEO is a process of generating traffic to website. SEO is used to increase visibility of a webpage in a search engine’s (Google, yahoo, Bing etc) unpaid results, which are also known as organic results or natural results. Proper usage of keywords helps to get high rank. Now how SEO works? Search engine’s crawlers or spiders visits websites. Now whenever any users type search query or keyword it shows your webpages which matches with search query/ keywords. SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site and site content for better results.

Pay per click (PPC) concept bit similar to SEO but a paid results. When you perform search on Google you will find few results on right side of the page. These are paid advertisements performed by companies to generate traffic. There are two types of PPC display network and search network . Display networks refers to advertisements which are shown on various websites, blogs or pages. Search networks are the advertisements which are shown right side of search engine result.

All three medium helps company and consumer for instant communication. These mediums helps to test ,measure and trace your various campaign on different platforms. Digital Marketing is less expensive than traditional medium of marketing, which makes it more attractive.

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